Why we only sell Indoor CBD Flower

Why we only sell Indoor CBD Flower

After our experience with growing flowers, wholesaling to retailers and observing the exploding hemp market around us over the past few years, we realized that the was something very important missing.

Very few CBD and Hemp farmers in Europe were growing high-quality CBD flowers. We only wanted to stock and sell good, clean, and high-quality flowers. Finding consistent and high-quality flowers across Europe proved to be difficult. With so many brands flooding the shelves itโ€™s hard to distinguish which ones are trustworthy, good quality, and safe.

The truth is growing high-quality hemp flowers is very difficult, time-consuming, and costly. Around 90% of all the farmers we worked with at the start of our journey only grew Hemp outdoors. We found out that some growers in Europe were calling their flowers indoor. When we visited their farm, the Hemp plants were all grown in greenhouses. We challenged the growers on this but they said, well technically the flowers are indoors. Companies here in the Uk also sell indoor CBD flowers. We found that some of these flowers come from greenhouses with lights. They should not be calling their flower indoor, but people always find loopholes in any system.

When you properly grow CBD flowers indoors, the plant is grown under high-intensity light in a controlled and safe environment, you are able to control more factors such as soil ph, lighting, and environmental factors. Each plant is able to grow in such a way that all of its needs are met, which essentially brings higher quality and more potent products.

We believe that in order to produce the best quality products, it is important to control as many factors as one can. We are one of the best Hemp growers around. We always try to ensure pristine cannabinoid-rich flowers are always for sale for all our customers.

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