Unveiling the Finest CBD Oil: 123CBD’s 20% CBD Oil

Unveiling the Finest CBD Oil: 123CBD’s 20% CBD Oil

In a world where wellness takes center stage, harnessing the potential of nature’s remedies has never been more crucial. Introducing the CBD Oil that’s set to redefine your experience with the hemp plant – 123CBD’s 20% Full Spectrum CBD Oil. Crafted in the picturesque landscapes of Ireland, this masterpiece isn’t just any oil; it’s a manifestation of dedication, innovation, and purity.

A Symphony of Benefits, Courtesy of Nature

123CBD’s 20% CBD Oil stands out as a potent masterpiece, backed by the meticulous craft of Irish expertise. Using low temperatures and advanced extraction methods, this CBD oil becomes a treasure trove of the Hemp plant’s enriching compounds. The result? The coveted entourage effect, where the synergy of various plant compounds magnifies the product’s potency.

Cannabinoid Symphony

With over 2009mg of CBD/CBDA, this Full Spectrum CBD Oil promises a symphony of cannabinoids that could leave you feeling your best. Beyond CBD, traces of other cannabinoids such as CBC, CBG, and CBDV join the party, enhancing the holistic experience. The THC content is so low – a mere <0.05% – that you can enjoy the benefits without the buzz.

Nature’s Aromas

The enchanting aroma of this CBD oil comes courtesy of nature’s aromatic compounds. Primary terpenes like Myrcene, B-Caryophyllene, Pinene, Limonene, and Linalool grace the oil with their presence, turning each drop into a fragrant journey.


123CBD believes in purity, and that’s why they use MCT oil as the carrier. This ensures the CBD reaches its destination with ease, allowing you to bask in the full spectrum of benefits.

A Taste of Nature

Taste plays a pivotal role in your CBD journey, and 123CBD takes this seriously. The oil’s taste dances between smooth and slightly bitter, punctuated by natural richness and nutty undertones, with a subtle hint of fruitiness – a harmonious blend that delights your senses.

Organically Grown EU Hemp

The journey begins with organically grown Cannabis Sativa L., cultivated under the nurturing embrace of the European sun.

Full Spectrum Plant Extract

The holistic power of the hemp plant is harnessed, ensuring no precious compound is left behind.

Vegan and 100% Natural

A nod to conscious consumers, the oil is vegan and entirely natural, free from artificial additives.

RAW and Gluten-Free

The oil’s raw nature retains its authenticity, and it’s gluten-free to accommodate diverse dietary needs.

Lab Tested for Assurance

Rigorous lab testing guarantees the oil’s purity and potency, reassuring you with every drop.

Homegrown Irish Hemp

Infused with the spirit of Ireland, this CBD oil is sourced locally, embracing the beauty of the land.

Sustainability First

No pesticides or heavy metals taint this product, aligning with sustainable practices.

CO2 Extracted for Purity

The CO2 extraction method ensures purity and a low environmental footprint.

ISO 22000 Certified

Holding the ISO 22000 certification, 123CBD sets a benchmark for safety and quality.

The Power of Direct Sourcing

What sets 123CBD apart from the crowd? The company’s unwavering commitment to quality and affordability. By working directly with raw materials, they eliminate the middleman and offer you the best at half the price. Their dedication to flower and extracts means that profits from oils aren’t their primary focus, unlike other companies in the UK. It’s a dedication to wellness that you can trust.

Elevate Your CBD Experience

123CBD’s 20% Full Spectrum CBD Oil isn’t just a product; it’s a journey through the wonders of nature. Crafted with precision, purity, and a commitment to your well-being, it encapsulates the best that the hemp plant has to offer. Take a step forward in your wellness journey; embrace the symphony of benefits today.