Solvents & Solventless CBD

Solvents & Solventless CBD

Making a purchase online these days can be very overwhelming for many reasons: the immense variety of different types of flowers, edibles, concentrates, vaporizers, topicals, and hashish is a lot to take in. It is even harder to figure out what is being used to give extracted or infused products desirable effects. In addition, various concentrates, hash oils, vape cartridges and ingestible products are often purposefully unclear to most consumers regarding how they are made in the lab.

The process of extracting resins from hemp involves two approaches: chemical dissolution and mechanical separation.

Why do companies use Chemical dissolution (Solvents)

Different solvents can be used through a process of a chemical dissolution, which captures a variety of phytochemicals and then reconstitutes them through the purging of the original solvent into a potent, usable oil. These fairly elaborate processes, when done correctly, enable the processors to collect molecules that have an immense commercial value for the plant but leave everything else behind. Solvent-based processing offer labs a variety of advantages. Minimal labour requirements, the ability to take plant material with contaminates such as mould or bugs and turn it into something profitable.

The majority of cannabis oil today is made with the help of solvents due to these benefits, but 99% of consumers are none the wiser.

Why should companies use Mechanical separation (Solvent-less)

Solventless extraction techniques rely upon mechanical separation. The goal of mechanical separation is to separate the plant’s trichomes that contain most of its resin by hand instead of dissolving the plant’s trichomes with chemicals. All solventless extraction depends on the elements to work together, from sifting dry plant material across fine screens to washing freshly harvested hemp in a bath of ice water. Making a high-quality ice water hash is often the first step of many top-shelf rosins, live rosin vapes or edibles. Unfortunately, solventless extraction from beginning to end is unforgiving and requires keen attention to detail. This is why companies in this industry do not use solventless extraction, and the consumer is none the wiser.

Solventless products

So we have covered the two types of extraction methods, and by now, all you want is to use a product which has been extracted through a solventless method. We haven’t seen anyone break down all of the options available. Well, good news. Its time. Whether you prefer vaporizing discretely or openly or want to eat your solventless, there is something out there that suits everyone.

Full Melt or Ice wax hash: always a connoisseur choice, these are the finest trichomes the plant offers. When adequately frozen and stored correctly, it resembles sand but quickly solidifies at room temperature.

Fresh-press: Live hash rosin that has been pressed and is intended to be sold as is. Fresh-press is not homogenized and melts at room temperature. This extract should be stored at 5 degrees at all times.

Cold cure: Live hash rosin, which has been pressed and sealed in a jar, chilled over one week to provide a buttery cake-like texture. This extract should be stored at 5 degrees at all times.

Wet Badder: Live hash rosin has been pressed and placed in a sealed jar to cure. Often the product is made from full spectrum trichome heads from 45u – 159u unless noted on the label. This extract should be stored at 5 degrees at all times.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide the world’s first farm-to-table products. Our company ethos is rooted in industry and social responsibility as it pertains to the cannabis industry, with a focus on fixing the stigma around cannabis and being able to provide patients with a natural and raw product.

Our mission

We believe cannabis products should be produced naturally, just like nature intended! Without the use of chemicals, solvents, additives and fillers. Our sustainable approach and extraction methods provide our global brand and partners to create plant-based cannabis products for consumers unadulterated, with a positive impact on the environment and planet.