Resin, Dabs and Full Melts

Resin, Dabs and Full Melts

Full melt extracts when compared to other CBD concentrate products are solventless, so there’s no need to drown your precious nugs in butane to make concentrates. Full melt dabs tend to be more potent than CBD Oil and CBD flower.

So what is a CBD full melt?

CBD Full melt is a term used for a CBD product which is a high-grade resin, rosin or fry sieve water hash. This CBD product doesn’t leave behind a residue or any char. The method on which CBD is extracted is with Ice and water, or heat and pressure.

Are there any solvents in your CBD resin or melt?

The CBD Boyz full melts are 100% solvent-less. Extracted with a focus on the best part of the plant, the flower. The Goal when making any CBD resin, rosin or hash is to isolate the trichome heads from the rest of the plant material. Every trichome is packed full of CBD and terpenes.

Is live CBD rosin a full melt?

In short, this depends on the company and manufacture. Some company’s claim that their resin or rosin is solvent-less, this isn’t always the case.

Why is CBD extracts and melts so expensive?

Authentic CBD full melts are a more expensive option because the process requires far more labour than solvent-based extracts. You must understand that twenty-eight grams of flower may only produce three to five grams of extract. It’s a small-batch artisanal style practice that will result in a more expensive product. You can be guaranteed its purity and flavor when you purchase from us.

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