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Sour Lemon Killer 🍋 CBD Flower


Meet Sour Lemon Killer, when I say this strain is full of the terpene Limonene which is found in lemons, you certainly will agree.

This strain is next level! This Sativa dominant CBD strain (51 % Sativa) sets a new standard!

Sour Lemon Killer Aroma; Sour Lemon Killer has a high terpene profile. It has that super Lemon aroma full of fuel and skunk.

Sour Lemon Killer Genetics; Sour Lemon Killer CBD was created by crossing super lemon Haze with Killer Queen.

CBD & THC Levels

  • CBD 17%
  • THC 0.2%

All our CBD products contain 0.2% or less THC to comply with EU and UK law.

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