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HHC Vape Cartridges 1ml

(22 customer reviews)


CCELL HHC Cartridges: Elevated effects and full flavour in every hit! CBDBOYZ HHC CCELL CART combines a full gram of premium HHC distillate and terpenes inspired by your favourite CBDBOYZ flavours.

All our disposable cartridges are made naturally in California, blended only with the highest quality full-spectrum Cannabinoids and natural cannabis terpenes.

No fillers, No MCT, No PEG, No PG, No vitamin E, and No nicotine. 

Each CCELL cartridge has a 510 tread compatible with most vape batteries. Please see our vape starter kit if you do not have a battery.

HHC & THC Levels

  • 95.2% HHC
  • 4.8% Cana Terps
  • 0% THC

All our products contain 0.2% or less THC to comply with UK law.

Reviews (22)

22 reviews for HHC Vape Cartridges 1ml

  1. Chris (verified owner)

    Fantastic product!
    Really clean.
    Great flavours.
    Effects are amazing!

  2. local nitty (verified owner)

    propa good shit get u propa baked

  3. Jaaaack

    Really amazing product

  4. Jacob

    Little expensive compared to cbd but effects are strong,
    Clean distillate! 10/10

  5. A

    Very strong Product, Indica will put you to sleep fast if needed, otherwise the desired ‘feeling’ definitly happens if you take more than 3 tokes, good stuff top quality as of no, will update future comments if neccesary – A

  6. Jaimin Patel

    Fantastic stuff. Was initially sceptical but within a day ordered more of this amazing product.

  7. Jaimin Patel

    Was initially sceptical but within a day ordered more of this amazing product. Really great product

  8. Stephen (verified owner)

    Really good product

  9. L H (verified owner)

    Been a customer for a while now and I have to say I’m definitely pleased with the product I have been receiving, I have tried all the HHC cart flavours and every single one has been perfect, my favourite flavour has to be blue widow closely followed by Dave’s cake. I use the paso pen to power these carts and I have to say you can really taste the strains profiles and the effects are perfect, from all the flavours I felt euphoric, upflifted, more energy and focus but also could get drowsy when I need to aswell which was perfect, honestly these carts in final are perfect if you want that buzz similar to the real thing without the bad effects and discreet, absolutely amazing product and company all the way through, keep up the great work, ps I used to use CPCBD but haven’t used them since I found CBD BOYZ much better quality and service. 10/10

  10. Tom (verified owner)

    Took delivery around lunch time and very eagerly took a load of large tokes, on the first one I’ve ever bought. Initially I couldn’t move whatsoever properly couch locked, then I was laughing my head off at Rick Stein on a long weekend, Absolutely 100% recommend, perfect Tuesday afternoon, tastes great too…

  11. Oliver Allman (verified owner)

    Effects and flavour 10/10 will definitely be buying again.

  12. Raw4Lite

    EFFECTS & Flavour 10-10 for sure … will be a regular customer from now on

  13. Delboy (verified owner)

    Absolutely top shelf product. Bravo Cbd.Boyz.

  14. Samuel (verified owner)

    Good stuff but the pod jammes up a bit when its close to empty

  15. J (verified owner)

    Seriously impressed with this product. Tastes good and the effect is also good 😏🍃 However £45 for a 1ml cart is insane 🙈 if it wasn’t for the price I’d be stocking up on these regularly.

  16. Jude Price

    Go easy with this, 2 or 3 short puffs is more than enough for me :).
    Lasts me a couple weeks just using it once in the evening, highly recommended by me.

  17. Fraser (verified owner)

    This hippy crasher is my 6th (i think) CBD Boyz HHC cart. I’ve had blue widow, daves cake, sour elektra, dublin lava, ape’s grape and now hippy crasher. After quite a few of these carts I think they’re incredible. The flavour is just as good as any distillate cart and this hippy crasher is especially delicious. I hope a multi-buy discount is introduced!

    product 10/10
    shipping 10/10 (flawless in my experience)

  18. Luke

    Strong HHC. I tried lemon haze and felt it very quickly. Highly recommended.

  19. Alex Gregson-Allcott (verified owner)

    I’ve tried all of them over the past few months, but Blue Widow and Forbidden Fruit have been my favourite. Super fast delivery, and the affects are very similar to the “real” thing. A glass of wine and a few hits of the HHC vape make for an extremely pleasurable experience while watching a movie, gaming, or anything really. Also great if you want to be discreet and not stink the whole house up with the smell of Mary Jane.

  20. Ilias (verified owner)

    I’ve been buying them for a few months now , tried all of them they are just great! Super fast delivery! Top Boyz!

  21. Gadsbo Gadsby

    first cart, Love it would highly recommend gsc

  22. Lynn Smith (verified owner)

    By far the best Everything about cbd boyz is top class from ordering to delivery. Had a problem with my order on 1 occasion so I can tell you the customer service is top class as well.

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