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Baker’s Delight πŸ’œ CBD Flower

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This strain has the most beautiful flowers we have ever seen. Baker’s Delight CBD has a cookie appearance with a sweet sorbet aroma.

A dessert treat, Bakers Delight comes from high-level genetics. Dank flavour and smell, Buds are bulbous and dense with light green and purple hues interlaced with dark orange pistils. The flower is perfectly cured with lovely dense Purple and Green buds.

Please note some batches may not contain Purple flowers.

CBD & THC Levels

  • CBD: 19%
  • THC: 0.2% or less

All our CBD products containΒ 0.2% or less THCΒ to comply with UK law.

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Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Baker’s Delight πŸ’œ CBD Flower

  1. Bob dobbs jr (verified owner)

    Absolutely tasty. Pure as the driven snow. The proofs in the pudding

  2. Neil Woodcock (verified owner)

    Another masterpiece! These Boyz never fail to impress. Quite a seasoned pro on all things green, and this is another excellent example of how things should be done in the CBD flower arena. Smell, taste, form, everything is just as it should be. So delicious, will keep you coming back for more…

  3. Will (verified owner)

    Just had my first try of bakers delight using the mighty+ vape and OMFG this is an absolutely beautiful flower…. I’ve used barely 0.2g and the effect I’m feeling is amazing.

    The flavour is awesome and the smell and look of the flower is brilliant!!

    Well done cbdboyz πŸ™

    I still have bored 8th and hippie crasher to try and can’t wait πŸ˜€

  4. Elias aka kit

    Next one along with hippy crasher and sour apples I need to try.hippy crasher was amazing I’ve heard this baker’s delight is suppose to be 10.10 too …can’t wait for it to be bk in stock

  5. Samuel Broady Walker (verified owner)

    Easily the best CBD bud that i have tried from the UK, smokes great, tastes great, effect is the strongest i have had so far from any CBD flower. The packaging is good but the only downside was the bud got a little squished during delivery, not badly but enough to cause flat spots on the bud. The flavour on this strain is lovely, cookie and bread doughiness with the sharpness and sweetness of the sorbet coming through, one of those ones that leave your mouth watering.

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