Jimmy’s Breath CBD Flower

Jimmy’s Breath CBD Flower

Jimmy’s Breath UK Strain CBD Flower overview: Jimmy’s breath strain tastes just like it sounds. It’s a delightful treat; it’s well-balanced, potent, and perfectly cured. I imagine this plant would stand out in a field full of lemon trees!


Jimmy’s breath strain aroma is a mouth-watering mix of lemon sherbet and fuel funk. There is a kind of poignant tartness that helps contrast with fuel and sweetness.


As you might expect, Jimmy’s breath tastes like a sweet lemon as it passes over your palate. Expect your pallet to be overwhelmed with the complexity of its flavours. It’s incredibly sweet yet tart and acidic at the same time.


Its buds are tightly curled and come with a good quantity of pleasant pistols and trichomes that promise a potent effect once used. Since its lineage is Dublin lava dominant, you’re going to find the buds light, really green and pops when it’s in the grinder.

CBD Content

Jimmy’s breath stacks a great amount of CBD coming in at 22% total cannabinoids.

Final thoughts on Jimmy’s Breath CBD Flower Strain

The OG lava family are among the best citrus strains we believe are on the market today, and their permutations can be found all over the UK and Ireland.

With its uniquely sour taste and desert-like nature, we imagine it should be enjoyed after a long day! You can sit there and imagine you have just had an Italian 8-course meal, and the end to it all is that limoncello shot