How to plan for 420 in the UK

How to plan for 420 in the UK

Ahh, 4/20 is just a few weeks away. For any cannabis enthusiast, the unofficial holiday will surely put smiles on many faces. It’s more like having a second birthday for some.

With the landscape of the CBD rapidly changing, there are more fantastic products available this year on our website you can use to celebrate. Edibles, vape pens, new strains – you name it!

In honour of our favourite holiday, we decided to make a comprehensive guide for all those looking to do something different this year.

Make (And Eat) Edibles

Edibles are a must for 4/20. It’s time to leave your daily routine and try something different! Edibles are, without a doubt, the most exciting way to consume. In addition, we have some mouth-watering HHC gummies available this year; one should scratch that itch.

Make CBD Brownies

Get yourself into your kitchen and make your edibles ahead of time. You will first need to purchase some high-quality cooking Shake to form the basis of your brownies. After that, it’s all about getting the goodness out of the shake and putting it into butter. You can find a great CBD brownie recipe here.

I Need To Be a Secret Agent This Year

Do you want to avoid standing out in the crowd? Or you can’t get the day off work. Don’t worry. We’ve got you; our super sleek and discreet vape range will keep you medicated and under the radar! So if you are looking for a strong kick, grab yourself a HHC Vape Kit, or are you looking to stay mellow this year, Grab yourself a CBD Vape Kit. Both kits are minimal in design and won’t draw any unwanted attention.

Attend an Event

While spending 4/20 with your nearest and dearest is fantastic, there is something special about spending the day with a massive group of like-minded people with similar interests and goals, which can be very empowering. Especially if those interests are as politically charged as the issue of cannabis legalization.

Pick a Nice Place to Eat

For most of us, eating goes hand and hand with CBD – especially if you’re out and about all day celebrating 4/20. People tend to become more indecisive when they are out celebrating. Having five friends who need help figuring out where to eat is like flicking through Netflix with no plan.

Take advantage of an excellent opportunity to have the ultimate 4/20 this year! We have some exciting products dropping in the next few weeks to help elevate your plans. Sign up to our mailing list for news, coupons and offers.