Hippy Crasher CBD Review & Tasting Notes

Hippy Crasher CBD Review & Tasting Notes

Kushed up hippies are you ready to crash! It’s got that special something that everyone wants. The flowers are covered with tiny, frosty white crystal trichomes. It’s very sticky, with some lovely orange hues shining through the lime Green flower. Do not sleep on this strain.

Background on Hippy Crasher CBD

Hippy Crasher CBD is a cross between Dublin lava & Bakers Delight. The aroma is something complex, you find notes of sweet cherries with a hint of spice. It has a Kush like appearance with a some serious fire. The flower is perfectly cured with lovely dense Green buds.


In addition to some unique terpenes, Hippy Crasher has some amazing effects. It’s got that Dank flavour and smell, Buds are bulbous and dense with light green and purple hues interlaced with dark orange pistils. A must for any flavour chaser!