Handcrafted Solventless CBD Products Availible in the UK

Handcrafted Solventless CBD Products Availible in the UK

Exciting news for CBD enthusiasts! CBD Boyz is set to make a grand entrance into the UK market, introducing a groundbreaking line of new solventless products. Crafted with meticulous care and unwavering dedication, these offerings epitomize the pinnacle of natural excellence within the UK’s CBD landscape. Experience the future with our solventless CBD product range.

Dry Sift & Kief (Static, Dry Ice & Fresh Frozen)

Static Dry Sift: Discover the fundamental method of extracting “keef” or resin glands from dried plant material. Often utilized in joints, the true potential of keef comes alive when pressed in a rosin press. This technique yields up to 70% of rosin, a significant increase compared to dry flower material. Simply break the dry material and sieve it through a fine screen to separate resin glands.

Dry Ice Sift: A variation of Static Sift, Dry Ice Sift involves freezing raw and dry flower material with dry ice. This innovative approach enhances separation through sieving.

Fresh Frozen Dry Sift: The apex of sift extractions, Fresh Frozen Dry Sift is an intricate process that ensures unparalleled quality. Flower material is processed while wet, immediately post-harvest. By freezing and later lyophilizing the material, we preserve its essence. The sieving process takes place in freezing temperatures to prevent terpene degradation. The result? A tasteful and premium solventless extract.

Classical Hash: Moroccan & Charas

Moroccan Hash: Embrace the classic Moroccan hash, an age-old technique that serves as the foundation for modern solventless extracts. After sun-drying whole plants post-harvest, the material is sieved into soft, gooey bricks. The versatile hash can be smoked with tobacco or pressed in a rosin press, yielding up to 60-80%.

Charas Hash: Hailing from a different corner of the world, Charas is a distinct method of hash-making. Processed from freshly harvested plants, this “Live Extraction” method involves rubbing buds in hands and scraping off resin. The resulting material is rich in fragrance and vitality, making it a true gem for hash aficionados.

Ice Water Hash: Bubble Hash & Ice-O-Lator

Water Hash: This method employs water, ice, and a portable washing machine with mesh bags for resin extraction. Fresh plant material is frozen and added to mesh bags within the washing machine with ice. The result, Ice Hash or “fullmelt” in premium quality, can be dabbed directly or pressed into Live Rosin.

Flower Rosin: Manufactured by pressing dry flowers in a rosin press, Flower Rosin involves using Rosin Bags to preserve purity. Pressing temperature and pressure are adjusted for different outcomes, and the resulting extract is a testament to individual plant characteristics.

Hash Rosin: Akin to Flower Rosin, Hash Rosin utilizes dry sift instead of flower material. It boasts higher yields, better color, consistency, and terpene count. Lower pressing temperatures result in lighter colors and premium quality, which matures through curing.

Fresh Frozen Hash Rosin (FFHR): The pinnacle of rosin, FFHR involves pressing Ice Hash, resulting in an unmatched consistency reminiscent of fine sand. Rich in terpenes, this premium rosin product exhibits unmatched potency and flavor.

Solventless THC-A: Representing the epitome of solventless extracts, Solventless THC-A is meticulously produced through repeated squeezing of hash rosin. This process isolates the most potent elements, resulting in a low terpene content yet high THCa potency.

Prepare for a Revolution in Solventless CBD

CBD Boyz takes the UK CBD market by storm with the launch of our new solventless products. Crafted with utmost precision, these offerings redefine the standards of natural excellence in the UK. Experience the future of CBD with CBDBoyz, where quality and purity reign supreme.