Premium CBD Flower in the UK: CBD Boyz London Opens

Premium CBD Flower in the UK: CBD Boyz London Opens

The CBD Boyz are in town! We began researching EU Hemp growers in early 2020 but we found only poor quality dry CBD buds with a faint aroma that smelt like fresh grass. It appeared that the hemp plants were grown and harvested too early. The curing process seemed to be rushed, producing a CBD bud full of chlorophyll which occurs when hemp plants are not flushed with clean water before harvest. Ireland hasnโ€™t quite reached the mark for top quality Irish grown CBD buds, yet!

Premium CBD Flower in the UK

We are the CBD Boyz, we have been in the market for well over 30 years. Our Californian facility would blow you away by the level of care and professionalism of our whole set-up. Genetic laboratories, clone rooms, vegetation rooms and the best of all โ€“ the flower room โ€“ where none doth enter unless booted & suited!

The flowers are nothing less than works of art. Sticky, fluffy, intense aromatic infusions that waft through the air and arrest the senses โ€“ WOW! We have been delivering the best Cali-strains of CBD flowers specifically to the UK market. These exclusive Cali-strains are only available here at CBD Boyz and only to UK customers with a super-fast delivery commitment and service.

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