A Cheap HHC Cartridge vs A Premium HHC Cartridge

A Cheap HHC Cartridge vs A Premium HHC Cartridge

How can you tell a cheap HHC Cartridge vs A Premium HHC Cartridge? Anyone active in the cannabis and vaping industry for the last five years has heard a few vape cartridge horror stories.

They go something like this: an unsuspecting customer picks up a cheap cartridge for half the price of a reputable company, only to suffer devastating health effects. This often involves lung damage, a form of acute respiratory distress. It is critical to be aware of the product you are using and the list of actual ingredients. Fake HHC cartridges can be very dangerous. Unscrupulous companies sometimes use cost-saving but potentially harmful additives such as vitamin E acetate, the primary source of EVALI lung injuries.

HHC Cartridge Quality

You can tell more about the HHC Cartridge once you open the box. First, quickly swish the Cartridge and pay attention to the consistency of the liquid. High-quality resin should be solid without excessive air bubbles. If you have a lot of bubbles or the fluid is moving around, the liquid inside the Cartridge is thin or low-quality.

Caution: Some companies add vitamin E acetate, which looks and behaves like cannabis oil. The suggestion above is an excellent way to tell if other additives have been added, but it is unreliable to exclude possible adulteration with vitamin E acetate.

Pay attention to the HHC cartridge price

Remember the old adage: If something is too cheap and the price is half the price from a reputable company, it’s too good to be true! If you see an HHC vape cartridge selling for a much lower price from one seller than from others, it may be a very low-quality product or counterfeit.

As noted before, buy vape cartridges from trusted sources.

What Type of Cartridge is the product in?

Forget about the product within the Cartridge for a moment. Like the old statement, a tradesman is only as good as his tools! Let us dive deep into the tool that is being used to vape your HHC oil. Since the inception of extracts, only one company has stood out for superior quality and for creating a safe and technical cart; that company is called CCELL.

If a company is going to cut corners and possibly make a dangerous product, it may not use a CCELL cartridge. This is another excellent way to investigate whether a cartridge could be hazardous. CCELL engrave their name into the metal on the bottom of the Cartridge; if your Cartridge doesn’t have a name, it is a cheap knockoff.

Possible Fake HHC-contaminated cartridges

Legitimate brands aren’t restricted to the typical additives, mostly terpenes. So it is best to find a company that uses natural terpenes, not synthetic ones! Bad growing and processing can contaminate carts with unsafe chemicals and byproducts. Potential contaminates include

  • Heavy metals (including the metal lead in poorly made carts, NOT CCELL)
  • Pesticides (myclobutanil, avermectin,bifenazate,etc)
  • Hydrogen cyanide

Hydrogen cyanide can develop when a cartridge is contaminated with pesticides, and the pesticide is heated in the Cartridge. Trusted vape manufacturers undergo testing to ensure they don’t contain harmful toxins, as mentioned above.

Shop with us

We make sure that all our cartridges and HHC extract are safe. We only use the latest CCELL cartridges and the highest quality terpenes extracted from the best farm and Lab in America. Our products are tested in the same lab as the most prominent cannabis players in the market, such as the jungle boys, TLC and Cookies; thanks, Berner!